The Village

Scipione  is a small village nestling on a hill that is overlooked by the castle of Marquises Pallavicino; the castle is still inhabited by the family’s heirs and dominates the regional river park of Stirone, which has a geological importance.

La tradizione mette in relazione il nome Scipione ad una villa romana qui edificata da congiunti di Publio Cornelio Scipione l’Emiliano, il generale che sconfisse Cartagine.

Scipione Castle

Tradition has it that the name Scipione (in Latin Scipio means stick) is connected with a Roman villa that was built there by some relatives of Publio Cornelio Scipione l’Emiliano, the general who defeated Carthage.

The castle and the houses clustered around it were probably built with the function of sheltering the premises of Marquises Pallavicino. In medieval times they possessed a wide territory stretching to the banks of the river Po. Besides the castle, which can be visited, the tiny village is made up of a small cluster of houses, a restaurant next to the castle, a small church and the Bed & Breakfast.
Its building, which used to lodge the huntsmen of the marquises, dates back to the end of the nineteenth century.

The Wood

The hillside is dotted with vineyards and a wood where pheasants, magpies and little owls build their nests; passers-by can even glimpse squirrels jumping from one tree to another arching their sleek tail: as a matter of fact this is an ideal sanctuary for animals.

Horse Riding

Going down from the hill, in the plane, there are some ride farms where people can hire horses and, with by the guide of a riding master, can enjoy beautiful horse ridings along the Stirone stream and through the surrounding woods Near the village there is the possibility of horse riding. The course of Stirone is very suggestive for the presence of some small waterfalls and canyons; the routes are equipped with equipped pitches for parking and to appreciate the nature of the place made up of old trees century.

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